The Team

Any successful business operation needs a team. Important people like Joanne Wondolowski (Vice President), Diane Pearl (Office Administrator) and Franco DeMarco (Transaction Coordinator) work with Andrew on a daily basis to ensure transactions are coordinated correctly, which reduces the stress that can sometimes be associated with a real estate sale or purchase. Solid procedures and systems ensure that we are prepared and organized on the documentation side of the process. We also understand the need to continually update our clients and stay connected regularly as we know from experience that the key to a successful working relationship has its foundation in good communication.

In order to bring any property to the market a team is also needed on site. Andrew works with the most professional group of individuals and companies when preparing homes for sale. This approach helps increase the number of interested buyers, thus maximizing a property’s highest potential value. It is important during this pre market launch, time sensitive period to have a team that is tightly coordinated and conscientious about presenting the property at its finest.

Please contact Andrew to find out how some of these words translate into best practice.


Efficient and effective communication is key in creating a smooth path to a successful working relationship.